Medicare supplement insurance for elderly people over 80 during travels

Often times, citizens working overseas or outward want to take their relatives to visit our country abroad. But what an earth will you do if insurance companies deny drafting a health policy for a person over 80 years? Considering that many insurers do not accept insurance people over 70-75 years.

Why this happens? Insurance companies think in statistical terms. Have you ever thought how these firms calculate  the additional premiums you will have to pay if you suffer from a specific condition to be accepted in insurance? Well, as the system works in people over a certain age past, only in their case, the incidence of insured events and compensation cost is too high, so that insurance companies refuse the issuing of policies. How do these higher costs come from? First, with age, any accident can have serious consequences and it will require several days in the hospital or outpatient medical care. In addition, there are higher chances of needing surgery and last but not least, even death.

Insurance companies are so discriminating? Not only that after a certain age the incidence of health problems is so great that for these firms is not profitable to draft a health insurance of the third age.

There are some exceptions, i.e. insurance companies that can insure you even if age is over 80 years? Yes, fortunately, there are companies that go by the age of 85 years. People between ages 80-85 years can be provided with the consent of the central government. But first payment is made based on several factors: if the insured has an older age this could lead to higher prices and the existence of disease or poor health status can lead to a refusal of drafting the policy.

Remember that the insurance company works with a certain network of hospitals, so that after occurrence of the insured event you will must contact the insurer in US to receive a list of the hospitals or clinics agreed.

Please consider protecting your health by the means of insurance. You can visit the other sections of our websites for insight on best medicare supplement insurance companies and thus you will purchase a supplemental medicare insurance.